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  Narusegawa Naru"Love Hina" is about a young man who as a child promised a girl to go to "Todai" (Tokyo University) when they were older and fall in love.  Fifteen years later, Ureishima Keitaro fails the entrance exams to Todai and become the new Manager of Hinatasou, his grandmother's hot springs hotel, now an all girls dormitory.  Where he meets Narusegawa Naru, who he thinks is the girl who he made the promise to. 

This Just In: As of March 31, 2001, Bandai Entertainment the folks that brought you Cowboy Bebop, and Gundam Wing, have bought the rights to release Love Hina in North America.
So in complaiance ONADigital has stoped the release of the Love Hina Episodes. I am not too sure when Love Hina will be released in North America, but I Assume that it will be pretty soon.

Well if you're a real fan of Love Hina, here's someting the that's a must have for the computer, the Love Hina Windows Startup Screen. Click Here To Download. Please read the readme file for installation information.

Thanks from the staff at Plutopia Productions Inc.


Love Hina Links

Official Love Hina Homepage


This is the Official Love Hina Homepage. Although it's in Japanese text, but the pictures and information is just great with the latest news on the popular hit series.


Official Love Hina Dreamcast Game Homepage


This is the Official Love Hina Dreamcast Game Homepage. Although it's in Japanese text, but the pictures and information is just great. From the looks of the screen shots, it seems that the game is based more on the original manga than the Anime.


Love Hina Manga scans


This site has the Love Hina manga, up to #8 scanned and translated by fans of the Manga and anime.  The files are roughly 3mb each zipped which contain 10 high res. jpeg format images. 


Ona Digital


This site is a fan based site which produces digital fansubs of various anime, Love Hina, being one of them, done off the R2 DVD's from Japan.  The files are pretty large, but well worth it.  They are encoded using DivX 3.11 Alpha. 


Love Hina


A really nicely done web-page with a lot of great information, and several manga translations.


Hina Love Another Love Hina page with some really nice pictures. 


animeDOTmusic edtition 2.0: Love Hina This page has sample selections from the Love Hina soundtracks, streamed in Real Audio. 


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