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*After Chaos*

*Multimage Chronicles, Part Alpha*

NOTE: I have only seen the timetables and the US Version of Sailor Moon. Please notify me of any Discrepencies/conflicts via e-mail at

After the elimination of Chaos, Greek god that spawned the whole shmear, Eric sensed a power. Familiar in two ways, eminating from the "hub" dimension: one, a person he knew from some time ago, but he could not place it. Second, and more importantly, the treasures he has sought for many a millenai: the Silver and Black Imperium Crystals. How like Zeus to Spirit the last two remaining Imperium treasures where He didn't want to go. Too many bad memories...

Some sacrifices MUST be made to fulfill the antecedent of the will of the gods...

"Serena! Time to wake up! You're late already!"

"Mom! Why Didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"I did. Three times! You said you were getting up."

"And you believed me?" And her voice rose to a nerve-twittering pitch.

Serena, the not-so-serene schoolgirl, was dashing down the road in a futile attempt to reach school on-time, and turning a blind corner, runs into a small group of corner hustlers. In an attempt to apologize, she is struck, and falls to the ground.

"Leave her alone," She hears, with a sharp pain in her leg.

"Says who?" A punker replies extremely acidically.

"Says me." Serena notices a person, not much taller than herself, was standing about ten feet away.

"I said leave her alone." He says as the gangster starts to turn back to her.

"Why?" He says sarcastically.

"Simple. If you do not, I'll ram your head through the brick wall next to ya."

"I ain't taking this from no nerdy school boy." As he says this, the Gangster draws a Semi-automatic pistol from his belt. Serena didn't know how, but true to his word, the gangster was facing him one moment, and the next, a firearm resides in his hand, and the gangster, body limp, has his head most way through a brick wall.

He draws the slide back on the gun and lets it go forward audibly. "Which one of you Four-Corner Pimps wants the first round?" They are quick to run and turn the corner. Still holding it lest one of them changes their mind, He advances on Serena. "Are you injured?" He spins it into the hip pocket of his schooljacket.

"No, i don't-owww!"

"I guess that is a yes. Are you Crossroads bound? So am I. I'll help you get there. Here," and he offers her his hand, to get up and continue on. "Twisted, probably, judging the fall. They need to clean up the gangs around here." He pulls her up, and helps Serena hobble to school. They both appear grossly late. "Bull. Late on my first day. No problem, I was dragging you here."

"And what is your exceuse, Serena?" Is the first thing asked of her when they step into the office. "And who are you?"

"I'm the new student, Ma'am. Mike. And the reason she-we are late is she got 'banged' by a bunch of Four-Cornerers. Twisted her left ankle on a landing from getting shoved. I straightened 'em out and brought her here."

"Mike, Right? What's in your pocket?" Is what Serena asked after a short pause.

"Oh. Forgot I still had this." Mike draws the .45 he recovered from the gangster. "Ehhh, don't worry, I know how to use these." He drops the clip into his waiting hand.

"GUN!" One of the office secretaries shrieks.

"I'm allowed! CIA!" He presents a wallet containing his agency ID. This is quickly taken, and examined.

"What's goin-where'd you get that?" The principal snatches the firearm from him.

"This is bogus. Can't be. CIA requires at least a Masters to get in."

"Doctorate out of Harvard. Professor said I was one of his most inventive students. Wanted me as an assistant. And if you still think i'm bogus, call the main office in town. Ask for 'personnel', field agents, active, NE sector, Quadrant four. I'm the field commander, and listed first."

"He's right. Listed first."

"I'm still keeping this, and school policy dictates I take any more you have."

"No." Is his quick but subdued response.

"Give it to me-"

"CIA regulations require that I maintain at least two firearms at any given time where the saftey of others is in no direct risk. That means that the only class i'm allowed to relinquish this," And he draws from under his shirt another pistol, "Is in Gym class, due to the off-chance that someone could discharge it during play. My other one I retain at all times. Any problems?" He lifts the grey uniform shirt and reholsters it.

"Plenty. If I hear that go off, you are out of here," is what the principal says.

"May it be a cold day in the Hells before I have to shoot one of your students. Which one of you has my schedule? I'd like to get to class..."

The door slams open to the office, "what's going on here?"

"HE'S GOT A GUN!" the same office attendant shreiks.

"Keep your voice down, madam. The last thing I want to incite is a panic in a school."

"A gun? Hand it over, nice and easy," the officer says.

"Hold your wad, officer. Which one of you has my ID set?" After no response, "Very well, be like that. I LOVE cracking conspiracies, especially when directed at me. Do also note that the director of the CIA will be in in a few days, and when he hears how his agent's been treated..." His wallet is flipped back to him, and is handed to the officer. "Thanks, you just saved me a lot of paperwork, and you a lot of undue hassle. MAY I GO NOW?" A schedule is handed to him.

"No problem, sir." Is what the officer says after examining the ID. "I'll hold that .45 for ya 'till the end of school."

"Carry on, Sargeant," Mike hand him the previously purloined .45.

Mike leaves the office, still bracing Serena, and dragging on. "What class are you in?"

"English, with Miss Horuna."

" am I," Mike says after looking at the schedule handed him in the office. "Which way," he asks at a 'T' intersection.

"Right, and first door on the left." They enter, well into the period.

"And your exceuse is..."

"Uhhh..." Serena falters, unsure of what to say.

"...Attacked en route to school, as was I." Mike sets her down into her seat, gives her her books which he was carrying, and turns toward the door. "I'll be back."

"And where do you think you are going?" A fat kid says, blocking his retun path.

"To the office, to get her some crutches, and to deliver a notice..."

"No new student leaves this room without my permission."

"Are you the senior staff member here? No? NO PROBLEM! you have no authority over me. MOVE IT, FATTY!"

A giggle was supressed, a few gasps were heard, and others were mumbling in suprise. Mike pushed around the shocked kid, and was out the door before he could respond. En route to the office, he hears a muffled threat shouted from where he was: something along the lines of 'be ready for death at lunch' or the like. Everything stops when he steps into the office.

"Stop gawking. It doesn't look cool." Mike says, and turns into the principal's wing, which also includes the medical office. He tells the principal, not to inform the teachers that there is a CIA agent in the classes, and that he is armed. His reasoning: "the boss" wouldn't want him returning home overly-edgey because the teachers were flaking him because he was armed. The only teacher she was to inform was the phys ed teacher, as he was to give him his main weapon for storage purposes. He collects some crutches for Serena, and returns to class.

"Back so soon, deadman?"

"I am NOT Dead yet, FATman, so shut up."

"You'll be soon."

"Will I?"

The teacher steps out at the call of an office attendant. Mike moans, realizing what Miss Horuna was called out for.

"You just made enemies with the worst Senior bully in the school. Your days are numbered." Serena says, and the teacher walks in, with a schooled face, but her eyes betrayed a large amount of raw fear.

"They told you, didn't they?" Mike asks as she passes by him.

"Just promise you don't use them in here, okay?"

"May it be a cold day in the Hells before I have to."

"And may I borrow one?" She asks, slightly more reassured.

"For him?" Mike jerks his thumb over his shoulder, in the direction of the punk, and is slapped in the back of the head by one of 'the crew'. Miss Horuna and Serena gasp at the same time as his hand jerks in the direction of his belt, but he stops. The bell rings for fourth period, Gym. Serena and mike both stay behind after the rest leave.

"Gym. I hate it." Serena says, looking so sour.

"I'm in next. Need help with your books?" Mike asks out of courtesy.


"Mike, are you SURE you won't shoot him?"

"I may have to, if the rumors are true." They both gasp sharply. "Oh, you said that you wanted to borrow this?" Mike hands her his .44 auto and a CIA Guncard. "If questioned, give 'em this card and keep walking. Most police know this format, and won't question you. If they flak you, call me and I'll set them straight."

On the way out, Mike has to break Mr. Fatso's nose to gain passage down the hall, but is not assailed further because the bell rings. They arrive outside 5 minutes late.

"Your la-" The gym teacher falters when he sees mike step in. "Do you have it?"

"Miss Horuna does, on loan for a few."

"And the other," he asks just as quickly.

"It's not to leave me."

"And you, Serena. What's your exceuse?"



"She-we were attacked in route to school. Three periods late."

"Sidelined, then, and Mike, you are on team 2. Game's Slaughterhouse dodgeball. Know it?"

"Love it."

"Good. Get moving."

The period passes quickly in the eyes of a seasoned veteran of the CIA, one so accustomed to the horrors of war, and that dragging, sinking feeling when you see the men all around off'd by weapons of immense power. Thrice he was the only one standing of his team, which was deliberately stacked, and thrice he won it singlehandedly. When the teacher asks how he managed to survive under those odds, Mike's reply was something along the lines of I've had a lot of practice.

Mike and Serena are both jeered when he is seen assisting her out of the class early. They both get choice seats outside under the trees without being hassled. En route, Mike notices the fat one slip something up his sleeve. The courtyard is calming, after an entire period of 'bobbing and weaving' to dodge flying balls, and enjoys a 3-pc MRE: Entre`, side set, beverage (mountain dew), but he ended up giving Serena his french fries. The bell rings, and the patrons begin filing out.

"Ready for doomsday?"

"'Armageddon is nothing to fear if you are properly equipped', quoth my boss."

Mike keeps eating his Beef Hotshot, well aware he was being discreetly surronded. When the fatman attempts to sneak up on him, Mike reacts.

"I know you're there, so come out." Mike doesn't move from his spot against a tree. when Al tries knifing him, he rolls forward and is up ten feet away, surronded by the fatasses associates.

"Now what are you going to do, Mr. CIA agent? I saw you hand off your gun to Miss Horuna, which means you are unarmed. Ha-"

"He'll ask the other CIA agents in the yard to shoot the next-to- impossible-to-miss punk that is idly threatening him." is said by a voice about twenty feet from the ring of gangsters. The unmistakable sound of slides going back and being released proves to be a heartener for Mike.

"Those are just squirtguns. Get him," and Al points at Mike.

"Squirtguns do NOT have metallic slides," is what a voice behind them says. "Now, how do you expect to win when you are outnumbered and outclassed?" The agent is waving a bigass .44 in Al's direction. "Release him."

"You won't shoot," and he turns back to the entrapped agent.

"Will I?" He ratchets the hammer audibly back, and regrips. "My agents know me as the fastest draw with the fastest fuse in the sector. And I also have a habit of shooting FATasses to see if any are bullet- bouncers," He raises the gun, deliberately aiming for his head. "What the-Well, now that's gotta be embarassing! He's whizzed his pants!"

Everyone in the courtyard, even the teacher, was laughing hard. Mike uses the distraction to escape the circle and grab his backup weapon. "Hey, boss, are ya gonna let me do 'im here?"

"Not today, Mike. But if he harasses any of my agents again, I will NOT hesitate to test that theory. NOW GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF MY SIGHT!" The courtyard was all but on the ground laughing at the sight of Al running away with his blubber shaking all over. While everyone was laughing, the agents pack their firearms away and converge in on Mike.

"Hurt?" the boss queries of Mike.

"Nah. Disarmed," and he indicates the empty holster.

"Take mine." It was Dan, an ally who was better behind a computer than a trigger, "I won't need it." And he passes him a polished .44 Magnum with long barrel and 7 rounds.

"Thanks," he swaps the empty holster for the new .44. "Did ya pack?"

"Cash only."

"Big mistake," 'Twas his old training friend, Emily. "You know the school-lunch principle."

"Never eat the school food," was their subdued response chanted as a mantra from all.

"Now ye suffers. Did ya save me anything, Mike?"

"Sorry, boss." {what's the plan, sir?} is his telepathic query.

"Mmm...Dang!" {the same as it was when you left the palace}.

"SORRY! If I had known you were coming, I would have made 'nuff to feed the whole Sector!" {almost too bad. I can sense the power gaining in this dimension. Your sister isn't pulling punches this time}.

"NP, Mike. Whaddya think they make pepto-dismal for?" {where's their grand entrance to be, Dan?}

{unknown, but when they step through, i'll peg 'em with some serious arty}.

The crowds in the courtyard were beginning to thin out and away from the cluster of agents, which was moving toward the Cafe'. When the attendants noticed that they were heading at them, they ducked behind the counter.

"Get up. I have no desire to shoot a cafeteria worker. 19 lunches to go, please." is what Eric says, leaning over the counter to look at the cowering chef.

"y-y-y-y-yes, sir!" he is up on his feet and scurrying about at a frantic pace, trying to fix 19 meals. "That will be $38." He is hedging away from the agents.

"Need I remind you I only shoot Fatasses indiscriminately, and you don't count there. Break a fifty?"

"Here." the attendant hands him his change.

"My thanks. A tip." Eric gives him the odd $2 from the change.

{What's her estimated attacking strength, Emily?} Eric sends telepathically after sitting down.

{judging from the scouting, at least 8x what she used before.}

{Any luck finding the crystals Imperium, Scott?}

{The silver one is in the hands of a 'Sailor Moon', and I hold the Crystal Black Imperium here.} He hands an Onyx bead to Eric, which looks to be 175-karats in value. He pockets it.

{Good work, my man. How'd ya do it?}

{the crystals were imbedded in the same holders as the Rainbow crystals. When that traitor Zosite grabbed the rainbows, she missed the Blacks entirely. What a Ditz. She paid no attention to your teachings when she was a Baron}.

{She did learn to amplify her attack using Force lv. 4, but that won't stop us. She has remained impure to her teachings and will lose because she could NOT keep the balance required to maintain that level of power} Was Dan's response to that thought.

{You've been doing your homework, haven't ya?}

{Yes, Sir!} The bell rings before they can continue, and Mike continues on with Serena to General Math.

The other four periods of school were a bore for Mike, after Gym and the scene at lunch. Mike also ends up taking the same bus as Serena home, joined by the rest of the agents, and Al, after he went home to cry to mommy. When insulted by Al, Mike just shakes his head back and forth, using his earphones as an exceuse for ignorance.

*Party in the city where the heat is on, all day in the car when the heat is on,...*

"YO! Moron! I'm talkin' to you!"

Mike takes his headphones off, "Does anyone here give two shits or a Fuck?" and the rest of the agents reply 'no'.

"Too bad. You are mine at the terminal," Al said, sounding overconfident.

The bus pulls in, and all the passeners offload. Al tries for Mike, but is shrugged off. Whan he hits Dan, the rest of the unit surrounds him and pins him against a wall. Mike steps forward.

"No help, no weapons, NO PROBLEM! I'll tell you this only once. Try for me or any of us again, and I'll shoot you. Plain and simple. IS THAT CLEAR???"


"Yes, WHAT?"

"YES SIR!" Al looked visibly shaken.

"Get out of my sight."

Once again the crowd was laughing hard at the sight of another hasty retreat. They get their tickets and are on the same bus as Serena. Another coincidence is that they get off at the same stop, only the agents, numbering twenty, head down the road toward the 'abandoned mansion'. She can't but help wondering why they are going in that direction, so she follows at a distance. A two-mile hike leads to a small forest, and then to a clearing where the mansion resides. People! They were wrong-this mansion isn't abandoned, it's stocked by the CIA.

"Where do you keep your lawnmower, Mike?"

"In the utility shed, sir. Why?"

"These ditches need it bad."

"Sir, why don't you let one of us-"

"I do NOT assign orders to my units that I would not be willing to do personally," on this, Eric enters the shed, gases up the mower, and rides out to mow the lawn. From there, the other agents segment themselves up: Mike and Em get into a swordfight, Dan, Alan, Jessica, Robert, and Katlyn are seen to be working with some large piece of equipment: Long, hollow, with a large machanism at one end, and seem to be taking their time seting it up. Em beats Mike after a few minutes, and joins the crews on the machine. Several Sport/utilities drive up, and Eric stops mowing for a few minutes to talk to the new arrivals, but afterward joins the mob in the back. He takes his tractor into the Shed, and comes back out laden with a trailer with several cylinders on it. These are placed into the Metal cylinder, and it is hoisted by the agents off a table that also has some other things on it: a vest, a small rectangular box, and a small Metal object of which she couldn't tell. Eric, still on the tractor, Raises his arm, and drops it. Serena is all but wailing at the piercing sound she just heard. She notices a metal sheet, 2' thick, which was standing vertically, now no longer exists. Several cheers and hollers are heard, and the agents set down the Cannon. The boss gets down from his tractor, puts the vest on, chats with the Scientist who was helping him, and turns toward the next piece of metal. Eric puts on a helmet, and upon the shoulders of his vest appear two large cylinders. He repositions himself, and then they fire. Once again she is holding her ears at the sound of missiles hitting steel. Another agent steps forward holding a shotgun. He loads in a shell from the box, and takes aim at the third block, a Concrete cube several feet in size. After the shot, the concrete block has a hole in it the size of her head. She falls asleep at the watch.

Three hours later, she is awakened by the sound of a jet.


Eric salutes the director of the CIA. A gawky man, not much taller than himself, but still foreboding enough to command the respect of his agents.

"We know of the impending invasion, Emperor. I've already called in 14 divisions of field personnel to handle this, but I'm guessing they aren't skilled enough to help out. What do you say? We're yours to command."

"They are skilled enough, Sir, but they need the proper equipment. My sister has not updated her tactics in 1000+ years. I have in my posession a special form of ammo that will allow you to mow down even the best of HER warriors with no trouble. However, there are a few troopers on her side of this whole fiasco that are defectors from my ranks, and your units would be the wiser to leave them up to the professionals," and his gesture took in his crew, "to make sure that are properly removed from her services. I cannot synthesize ammo powerful enough to cut down a Prince-in-contention turned defector. I would-"

"SIRS! The war has begun! They invade from the Cherry Hill Tunnel. 5 marks @ 834-476. RSP 3 barons."

"I shall handle this personally. C'ya, boss." Eric waves over his shoulder at the director, and gets into the experimental Prototype, a vehicle with war capabilities excedding that of an M1 abrams, for all it was designed from a Ferrari.


Serena, late once again for dinner, accompanied by Luna, were headed down the Cherry Hill tunnel untill they heard the worst of noises in front of them, and the screeching of racing tires behind. In that fleeting moment, Serena's darkest dream was realized: the Negaverse survived. All that work, the loss of the Scouts...In vain?

"hehehehahaha! The negaforce shall feast here once again! Hehe-WHAT?!?"

Serena Didn't know why he stopped midsentence, but Luna did: Something approaches from the Temple. Fear rooted her to the Ground, fear at what was approaching. She did not realize what it was Untill it stepped into one of the tunnel lights: Metal armor. Before her stood a Person, 7' tall, wearing Ancient armor, weapons, and shield like out of the History textbook.

"You were saying, Malachite?"

"Your sister will win. The Sailor Brats are dead, Your empire dwindles, the people of this planet grow feeble, and the Shadows are all but collected. Queen-"

"Your 'Boss' has not tried to improve her battlefield skills, you have only 100-or-so defectors amongst your midst, You do NOT hold the Imperium Silver Crystal, your airhead girlfriend Zoisite completely missed the Black Crystals when she hunted down the Rainbows. And I heard that you don't have it. What a pity. I was hoping for a challenge. I give you a choice: Yield now-return to your dimension and NEVER leave, or I remove you from this [complex] equation. Your choice."

"I will never surrender!"

"Brave words, but can you walk it?" The knight draws his sword, curiously positioned on his right shoulder vertically. The monsters, the Gemini twins, Malachite, and three others, charge at Her, But she still will not move. Malachite winds up with one of his energy spheres, and lobs it-straight at Serena! Just in time, though, the knight steps in front of her and brings his large shield up to bear, taking the blow without budging. "I recommend you leave here, M'lady. This is no place for such as you."

"But I-"

"GO! Go now before you get hurt." He parries a fireball with the shield before advancing further. Luna tries dragging her out of the tunnel, and once his message registers, is dragged herself out of there. At the end of the tunnel, she looks back only to see a large aquamarine blue pulse headed right for her. She barely makes it out of the way of the travelling energy barrier as it escapes the tunnel, only to dissipate a few feet out. She is quick to transform into Sailor Moon. Once she arrives back at the place she was a scant minute ago, much has changed. The wall has several burn marks, multiple holes, a few roof struts askew, and only two remain: the knight and Malachite, who are posturing, the knight with a 2 samurai swords, and Malachite holding a blade like the one he wielded against the Moon, with a small shield on his left arm. he dives at the Grey warrior, pressing his luck that he may find a chink in the large plate armor the other wore, but finds nothing but trouble as the fast swords of the other strike several marks in the blink of an eye: a puncture in the left knee, two small slices across the right shin, left wrist, right forearm, 4th rib, and a slash across the bridge of the nose, at the expence of Malachite's blade striking his shoulder plate harmlessly. Once the blades had stopped in a guard position, He fell to the ground, hurt badly, but not dead.

"You have not remained true to what I taught you so many a year ago. The fates have already predicted my sister's failure, and I have been amassing the components to see to it that she does. DO NOT press this issue any farther, or I will kill you. return to your queen and tell her that I will not allow this dimension to fall to any outsider. You will NOT win this one, Malachite."

"Nor will you. The negaforce has already predicted your loss at Armageddon Luna. Hahaha!" On this, the knight toughes the defenseless Negawarrior with the back of his blade, and he disappears.

"Good riddins. I can't stand traitors."

"You Negaverse creep, I'll punish you for attacking our planet."

"I'm sorry. Are you addressing me?"

"I am Sailor Moon, Champion of justice, Protector of this planet and your worst nightmare. On behalf of the moon, I'll punish you!"

"Let's analyze what you just claimed. We've established your identity, and it sounds like a crises in itself. The Kingdom of the moon was destroyed long ago. 2: Justice is a principle that could never exist; human greed, corruption, "suitable punishments", and the like have never fully played out 'Justice'. Third, one person, and i'll hazard a guess-a weak person, canNOT protect one whole planet by herself. 3: My worst nightmare is facing the Negaverse, Negamoon, Dynasty, and the Sayians all to the tune of a disembodied overpitched voice of Beethoven. 4: No one has ever managed a spanking on me in over 4 trillion years, M'lady. What thinks you have such power? To defeat me requires the power which I discovered, mastered, manipulated, taught, and Harnessed. The power of the sixth "force": Force Magic. Without it, ye has NO chance of beating- " He draws his blade, "my, my, my. Mandolin," and his sword changes instantly into a funny-shaped guitar, which he spins around his back, and holds in place. The sound of something hitting it rings through the tunnel. He spins it around in front of him, plucks a string, and twists a knob near the top. He plucks again. "Oh man! the pitch is ruined," he flips the guitar over, "mmm... A rose. Definitely a pitch-ruiner. I believe also the symbol of the late Prince Daryion. Allow me to return the favor," and from behind him he draws a large ninja star. Like magic, it splits into three, and he winds forward, pivots on his right leg, and whips his arm back, along with his ironclad body, and releases. the sound of metal piercing concrete and fabric echos dully down the corridor. Sailor Moon gasps at the thought of it hitting Tuxedo Mask. "Don't worry, he's only pinned in place by his cape. But as for ye, you will not be so lucky. En garde!" he draws his blade anew, and prepares for a fight. To his amazement, she draws forth a sceptre, and prepares to use it. "My-An enchanted wand-"

"Moon Sceptre-"

"SHIT! *Force Shell Epsilon*" With this, he drowns out her last word by plunging his sword through the concrete, creating a light blue shell 10 feet around him. As the beam strikes the shell, it disappears, along with the beam, which was shaped like the Moon.

There's only one possible way she could've done that, he thought, and aloud he said: "mmm..., there is only one explanation for such a frail vessel having so much power. Possesseth you the Crystal of Imperium Silver?"

"How did you know?" Luna asks, stunned to hear that from him.

"Because, guardian FURRBALL Luna, I hold the other six," and he draws forth his sword, which dissapears, leaving behind six crystals, like hers, but so diffrent from hers. She feels the power from these, even at that distance. "Zeus has managed to keep that one away from me so long, by trickery, rite, wizardry, and relocation. I had tracked it, as well as the Black Imperium crystal, to this dimension, where my evil sister, Queen Beryll, seeks to take control. For practical reasons, I cannot let her. For personal reasons, she owes me 1100 years and a kingdom, on which I intend to collect. The crystal you hold completes a set of seven, just as there were seven Rainbow crystals to collect to retrieve that one. If I am to destroy the Negaverse without destroying myself, I need that item you have."

"You won't get it."

"I wouldn't bet on that. I'd love to stay and chat, but I must go. I've a defense to manage." He turns, and starts walking out, but stops midstride. He jumps up, lands in the rafters, and pulls out the ninja stars that the previously threw at Tux. some growling is heard, and the knight shouts, "DOWN, DOGGIE! DOWN!" and drops down, laughing to himself. SM loses track of the target after he steps out of the tunnel. Serena proceeds home, argues with her mom, and goes to sleep grossly late.