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*Dome of Concordance*

*Multimage Chronicles, Part Beta*

'Twas turning out to be a good start of a hellish day. The tractor blew up, the Prototype developed a fault in the engine block, Mike managed to shoot himself in the foot, and Everyone woke up late.

En route to school, The agents round the same corner Mike had to fight the bullies yesterday, and true to his luck, the were there again, and Serena was flat on her rear, whith one of them hovering over her with a butterfly knife. Eric hastily clears his throat, drawing their attention in his direction.

"Don't tell me I have to ram another one of ya through the wall," Mike says, and draws the hammer back on a new .45. They don't even try for the 20 agents. They just run dead out in another direction. "Man, we are gonna be late!" Mike exclaims after checking his watch. Eric offers Serena a hand, and the rat race for the door ensues anew. They manage to arrive one minute before the bell. The office staff moans when they see all twenty agents walking in. They quickly disperse into the crowds, and all make it to class on time, including Serena. But class is not to be, as their pagers go off at the same time. As one, they put on their headset/visor system and call in to Eric for orders, who is doing the work by his twin laptops which he is typing on incredibly fast in science class.

"Eh, boss. What's goin' on? I got paged out of Gym!"

"I'm checking now, Em. Standby." He types another sequence on his computer, and reactivates his microphone, "Rook from Lead Crow Commander, come in. Rook from Lead Crow, base respond."

"Sir, I've found something Mad-whack. Long 266, Lat 0. I've NO clue what it is, sir. It looks like a grey dome in the middle of the tundra. Sat's just picked it up a few minutes ago. Recommend recall all units for investigation."

"Acknowledged. Lead Crow, out." He enters another string of commands into the right Laptop, and turns on his headset again, "Units FG Lead Crow, come in. We have been recalled to do some Ice-hiking to the top of the world. APC is already en route. Rendzevous is in the west parking lot. Out." Eric starts packing up hurriedly, and is out the door before anyone could ask what was going on. All are assembled when the 8-wheeled APC arrives for them, and Luna mnages to hitch a ride on the roof of the laser turret. Once they arrive at the Mansion, under heavy military escort, They board a chopper bound for the North pole.

"Well, a tradeoff for freezing our butts off is we get to see Santa."

"You still believe in him, Emily?" Mike says, the engines beginning to start.

"He exists. Our flight plan takes us right across his base." Eric shouts over the engines.

They load onto the chopper, and take off under escort of Apache gunships. The trip lasts through about 15 multiplayer MechCommander matches, utilizing a Duffel-bag server system. Em takes a few photos of Santa's pad, and they arrive at the dome unmolested.

"CHECK YOUR GEAR!" Eric barks at the heavily laden soldiers. They repel down 30 feet to the tundra, near the dome. The chopper leaves, to await further orders from Eric.

"It looks like a replica of our power, sir."

"'tis not. The powerbase is elemental, not force/divine. A concordance of the worst conflicting powers. I wonder who got trapped in here? Regardless, they will be of immense help-OH NO! The seventh shadow is in jeoporady! MOVE!"

"SIR!" they respond, and teleport/jump out of here, bound for the city.


In the city, Greg wanders aimlessly, hoping to elude the clutches of the Negaforce long enough to allow the Multimages ample time to ready for the defense of this planet.



"Agent Michaels, CIA Div. 404. You are needed at Headquarters for questioning. This way, please."

"You don't have to pull this routine on me. I know who you are, Baron."

{Ahh, I forgot. You are a psychic. Please, this way. They approach.}

"They will win this round, you know."

{We know, but we hope we can delay them long enough to position the rest of our forces. Turn left.}

They turn left, and are met by a star of Multimage Bladesmen awaiting to escort him away. Greg begins to phaze out, and is almost captured by the Negaverse, but are thwarted when Mike shoves him into a portal. The warriors prepare for a fight with the traitorous Zoisite.


Eric prepares for a long spell casting by first examining the dome. It is not our power, he concludes, but part of it is very famialiar. Definitely a mix of Elemental power, combined with the legendary Talismans, and a power source Eric didn't know. He transforms into his armor, nearly inpenetrable plate armor, and climbs the dome. Once upon the top, he draws his blade, and begins casting a really old spell through it, lasting a good three hours. During that time, Eric noticed a gate opening, and out steps...Malachite? He couldn't stop now. He had to complete the casting, or be consumed by the spell. The last three words he shouts to invoke the magic: *DEATH RESURRECTION REBORN!* and he thrusts his blade coreward, cracking the dome into small shards. At the same time, he is struck in the back by two energy boomerangs, and falls to the snow. Thinking his task complete, Malachite returns to the negaverse, not noticing the dome cracking.

"How'd we?" Sailor Mercury began, but falters.

"We're supposed to be-" Sailor Star fighter continues, just as puzzled.

"We're alive!" sailor Saturn shouts, "But...shouldn't the world be ending? I mean-The tales aren't true!"

"Who brought us back?" was Pluto's sober question.

"Wait-There's something extremely powerful here. In that," and everyone's attention is drawn toward the east.

Aware he's not dead, only slightly injured (two small gashes in his back armor plate), and being scrutinized, he disappears. Twenty feet farther east, he reappears, ready for hand-to-hand combat, adorned by multiple sets of weapons: two 6' sabres resting vertically across his shoulder plates, a Bow, folded, in the center of his back, two small longswords, in an inverted "X" pattern across midback, and two horizontal knives across his lower back, concealing the cuts in his armor. "which one of you ingrates struck me in the back?" he didn't try to disguise the fury in his voice.

"I don't know who you are, mister, but if you are looking for a fight, you've found one."

"Mmm...11 to 1. Dreadful me. I was hoping for at least a small challenge..."

*VENUS LOVE CHAIN SURROUND!* the attack is deflected completely by his blades, which he seemed to wield faster than light. *JUPITER THUNDERCRASH SOUND!*, and he retorts with a *Bolt 3*, knocking Jupiter, Mercury, and Star Healer down. Eric didn't get a chance to stop from their continual assault. They were doing their best to defeat an unknown adversary, using every attck they knew, and failing. Nothing seemed able to either hit him or pierce his armor. One by one, they fell to his blades, untill Saturn stepped into the fray, wielding the Silence Glaive. Caught unaware, The unscathed armored warrior was struck in the back by this weapon, but she had not the strength to penetrate very far past the thick armor. Eric screams in anguish, and he jabs his sabre into the ground to maintain his balance. When she draws the blade out, Eric spins on one foot, catches the blade of his sword in the blade of the polearm, and strikes the handle in the middle, dislodging it and leaving her helpless. he releases his left sabre, draws forth a knife, and stops his swing just short of her throat. Almost instantly, he is struck from the side by a yellow ball, creating a miniture quake inside Eric, and flings him several yards right and away from Saturn. They realize he is badly wounded, for he does not get up after the fall, and the path he flew stained the ground crimson. As a followup, Uranus draws the Space Sword, a potent arm capabile of eliminating foes in a single stroke, and advances. Halfway there, they hear him shout, but not through their ears, {'TWILL NOT LOSE!!!} and he springs from his prone position to land a few yards away from Uranus. He draws his other knife, which he whips at the mob, striking Venus in the shoulder. She screams, and collapses to the ground, in considerable pain. Uranus rushes, dead out furious for that last blow. He draws the slim longswords, and charges at her. Another gash in his armor is evident, across the upper arm, but his stained blades betray the fact that she did not escape unscathed. She collapses to the tundra out of shock from the slices across leg and chest. Eric vaults backward, narrowly missing a fireball, and shouts *STAR SWORD SCREAM!* the long blades summon forth a column of pure elictricty, and he direct this into their midst. They escape, but scatter farther away from the Glaive. He lands here, and picks up the two weapons. He notices the way the blade of the polearm cuts through rock-hard ice as he jabs it groundward to remain standing. Saturn notices the far away look in his eyes from pain. He gets struck in the back by another energy bolt from Jupiter, this time entering the wound created by Saturn's weapon. He shreiks in pain from the blow, and collapses.

Pluto, who avoided him because her dead scream did not affect him, noticed the crystal sword stuck in the ground where the dome was. She draws it forth, and realizes who's it is. "You! I know you! You were a frequent at the Gates, correct?"

"Yes, I was."

*Moon Sceptre-

"Stop! He's on our side!"

"WHAT???" was the response of all of the scouts, some who had just got up, and Sailor Moon, a late arrival.

"He's the Emperor of Multimages."

"Impossible," was Luna's response, "what he has in his hand wouldn't-"

"She's right. I am. And have ye forgotten all I have taught you, Luna? A vorpal weapon will cleave ANYTHING, including unaware Multimages."

Behind him opens another gate, this time revealing, once again, Malachite. "So, you have served the Negaverse well, Emperor. makes my job easier."

"I have not consciously served Queen Metalia in my life, and i intend to keep it that way, shitscum." Malachite summons fore his energy boomerangs, and to this Eric reacts. "So, it was YOU who tricked me into attacking them! You will pay for that deception, maggot." He raises the polearm. Malachite slings the energy bolts, and the first one is blocked, but the second one passes him, headed for...Sailor Moon? Eric teleports midair in front of it's flight path, but is unable to block it with his shield, and it nails him in the chest. he lands, and almost collapses, using the blunt end of the Silence Glaive to maintain balance. He screams defiance, and rushes at him, polearm ready to run Malachite through. Eric's opponent throws the boomerangs again, and both manage to hit, but draws no reaction from him. At the same time Malachite retrieves his boomerangs, Eric strikes him with the Glaive, and with enough force to send it right through his foe about 3 feet. Eric draws the weapon forth, spinning it back into a thrusting position to strike again if necessary, and Malachite collapses to the ground, holding his gut where the blade pierced. He says not one thing before dying. Eric, his foe vanquished, collapses to the ground with an uncharasteric thud and clanging of his armor plates. Pluto runs to his side, fearing that had killed him.

"Eric! Wake up!"

"I'm not dead yet, Katy, and I intend to keep on living for now." he gets to his feet, and the Sailors jump backward, wondering what it would take to stop him permanently. Eric picks up on this, and announces that it would take c. 10 times more than what they had COMBINED.

"Now. I can tell that you hate this place as much as I. This gate," he reveals a gate in the middle of the tundra, "will take you back to the outskirts of the city, near the "abandoned" mansion."

"How do we know this isn't a trick?" Mars would not give an inch, after getting cleaved several time by him.

"You don't. Just remember, your at Lat 0 degrees; the nearest airport is 1200 miles away. I doubt even as Sailor Scouts you'd survive to there."

"I'll go," Uranus, who didn't look good, didn't feel like freezing dead again.

"Ladies first," Eric said. They all head for the gate, but Eric stops Saturn before she enters. "I believe this is yours, M'lady," and he hands her the Silence Glaive, which he had been cleaning. She accepts it, and steps through. Eric closes another warphole before exiting to the mansion.

Back in the city, The gate opens to just outside the mansion, and the scouts are greeted by 5 assault rifle armed soldiers, expecting this to be a Negaverse trick. When Eric steps through, the soldiers continue on what they were doing. One of the soldiers steps up to Eric, and they get into a conversation. It ends quickly, and He turns to the Sailors, who are standing around, watching the industries of professional soldiers making ready for war.

"Okay. Into town, 'tis 3 miles. Nearest bus terminal is on 223rd. You can grab a ride from there, or one of my agents can drop you off. Your choice."

"Ehhh...We'll walk." Was Venus's response.

"Good luck." Eric turns away, and readies to mow "the back 40". As he walks in to the barn, an Agent runs out of the Mansion, shouting for the boss. He enters the barn, and a conversation is audible, including a few profanities. Eric dashes out first, and activates his headphone comm system.

"All Multimages, the time to defend our charge has arrived. A large punitive force approaches, and is expected to be in range to attack the future site of Crystal Tokyo in about 20 minutes. RSP is lance configuration, with at least one Mobile Arty piece per lance. Repeat, Crystalline Structures en route. MOVE!!!" All around them, units stopped what they were doing, and started arming themselves for a fight. Choppers began landing themselves in the courtyard, and troops carrying the large cannons Serena saw entered them. F-15 jets were seen taking off both vertically and horizontally. Strange enough, Eric gives command authority to a senior Baron who was obviously shaken by his leader's faith in 'lowly' him.

"And you aren't to help them?" Was Neptune's question as he passes her.

"I will, but in another medium. I recommend you leave here. Thing's may get a little dicey around here, especially when we're conducting wars. Who knows, ye may get drafted into a few, shall we say, unpleasent tasks. I've to go now, while they," and he points skyward, "Posture futiley. See ya." He disappears into thin air, and reappears inside the old base that was the Negaverse.


Inside the city, panic was running rampant. People were running uncontrollably from the large floating Crystals. Another sound was heard over the mass exodus: the sounds of chopper blades and jet engines. The units of the 12886th MM TechStrikers had arrived to protect the planet's future. As the choppers start offloading the Arty batteries, the F-15XSJs begin assaulting the floating crystalline structures. Attack choppers add to the defense, using Energy weapons and Maverick missiles to wipe them from the skies. If just one of those things land, we're screwed. The arty batteries open fire on the targets with Force rounds, causing a lot of internal damage. Crystal invasion vehicles disintegrate all over, being destroyed by the most powerful practical weapons ever devised.

One of them emits some form of a beam from the bottom spyre, destroying part of a scyscraper that housed an artillery battery lance. The Baron there manages to hook his Fauch-de-Gurreire into the side of the building, slowing his fall to a leisurely pace, but the Knight and two Elites didn't get so lucky. They fall to the ground, their armors betraying a lot of physical damage, as well as damage from the fall. The Baron arrives at ground floor, and checks them.

"Dead. The Emperor ain't gonna like this."

"In pace Raisquit." is what another person said in the crowd.

"Agreed. Are you active Military?" Mike says to the person who said that.

"Yes, Sir! S/Sgt. US Army, 63rd Armored."

"Come with me, please." Mike hoists the cannon, which wasn't damaged by the fall, and they both proceed up the stairs to the top floor. On top, the ammo cache remained intact, but that giant Crystal had landed. Mike loads a shell.

"Brace yourself. These shells're twice the size and power of a "Smoothie 2" shell." Mile fires the weapon, and the crystal is blown to tinkling shards.

"All units, watch yourselves. These things have the equivalent of a LgLas with short range."

The Crystals were being well destroyed, but not at a fast enough rate. All over the city, light bursts from their weapon were visible. Mike drops his head for a second, and then raises it up, an expression of fear, hatred, and deep anger is on his face. He hoists the cannon on his shoulder, calls for a chopper, and loads on. The soldier stays with him, and the chopper takes off. They reach an altitude, Mike sets it into 'link fire' mode, straps a belt into it, and opens fire. The repeater mechanism on the cannon keeps the shells flying, and the remaints of these evil crystals are wiped from the skies. The units begin their weary track home, by ground because the choppers had been destroyed. Cheering was heard throughout the entire town, and the warriors, for the most part, were happy at their welcome from their return from the shadows, even if the celebration was eclipsed by the losses of 35% of the 12886th. The Multimages rreturned to the base, and continued preparations for the final battle, now only a few days off.


Eric, now standing in what was the old Negaverse, and admiring the workmanship in the sickly droll Palace that was once his sister's base. Eric Doesn't even bother to knock. He just barges in, expecting to be in the middle of a nasty crowd. The Palace was...EMPTY??? She'd've moved her base from Eric's direct observation. Too bad she didn't know who was hers and who was a spy. The whole palace was...empty. The throne and dais was dusty, the pavillion was untreaded, his footsteps kicked up contrails of dust, and the Spyre that was once Queen Metalia's restingplace was shattered and...empty. Too bad, I'd've loved to wipe the whole shmear of 'em in a single shot. But, then again, If she gated direct to her new base...Nope, the gates present are the usual, plus a gate to New Avalon 6. Oh well. But, what's this? He notices a portal to an Extra-dimensional space, right in the middle of the lower pavillion, 25 yards from the Queen's dais. A storage space? Eric unzips the portal, sword ready to strike an unknown creature, but all that falls out is a large...CRYSTAL? And Jaedite within? this was the fate of the traitor L5 Baron. I wonder if he'd be willing to serve me again. No guts, no Glory. Eric wields his sword, and splits the Clear crystal apart in half. Jed falls to the ground, still screaming his would-be mortal scream. He looks up to see the foot plates of Eric's armor, and the tip of the blade resting upon the marble ground.

"Emperor Eric? Why did you save me?"

"Because 500 years of training that can be salvaged doesn't look good when it goes down the tube."

"I Failed...First you, then her. I'm an honorless warrior. Why save me?"

"Because, Jaedite, you have more combat experience than half of my combat staff, and your insight into the mind of my sister is invaluable. A lot of time has passed since you were Chrono-frozen. She used you, and when you lost, she tried offing you. She also offed Zoisite, Malachite was eliminated by Sailor Moon, and Nephlyte was wasted by Zoy. I'm giving you a chance to serve me again, because Queen Metalia's ambition will destroy this universe. You still possess the skills that once were your trademark. Wouldst ye be willing to serve me again?"

"Why not? I've nothing to lose but my life...Again."

"You know where to report. I've a dimension to wipe. See ya."

"Yes, SIR!" Jaedite disappears, knowing his life now has purpose: to help end the mad reign of Queen Beryll.

Eric begins the cant of destruction: it uses his grasp of Force to infuse and then Nova a star, to destroy an entire dimension. He finds a nice White Dwarf, Nullifies the fusion reaction inside, infuses it with a large amount of Force, and implants a Thermonuclear warhead inside the cooled star. He falls back to watch the destruction of the star, and the chain reaction of all stars deestroying themselves and their satellites, creatinmg a void and a lot of black holes. Eric returns to base on Earth.


After having a fun time playing AAA, Mike wanted desperately to grab a drink. Something in 90-proof would do him well. But he didn't get a shot to. New recruits were here, and he was needed to train them. Amongst the new recruits, he noticed, was the S/sgt that helped him in the city. Mike nods to him when he enters. There were also two ladies in there, whom he slightly recognized, but not knowing from where.

"All right, ladies. You know why you are here. You have the capacity to be one of the Elite, the best of the best. You have the capacity to be a Multimage. Most of ye have been through basic trainings of some sort. Some have not, buit will do good elsewhere. Before I go on, I'd like to tell you about your choices: 4 exist: 1, you leave now, if you canNOT take it. 2: you can join the ranks of the bladesmen. These are the frontline soldiers that take and inflict the worst of hurts. 3: Join the Tech units. these are the units that deal with futurteTech: firearms, planes, battlemechs, and the like. 4: you can become one of the most powerful ranks: The Magewarriors. basically put, these are the people that user wizardry, spells, whichcraft, necromancing, and other techniques to do the impossible and then some. 'Tis your choice, and all have equal promotion rites into the ranks of the Knights and Barons. You have heard the legends about the ranks of the Multimage, so I don't have to repeat that. oh, and one other thing: barrack rumor is a nasty thing. If you hear something and it doesn't sound right, report it and I'll see to it that it is cured/augmented." Eric steps in, followed by Jaedite. Mike is instantly on his feet, and salutes them both. "Boss! Back so soon? I thought-"

"Nah. Didn't take that long. New recruits?"

"Yep. Raw lot, but some of the best i've seen in a while. large capacities."

"Continue then," Eric and Jaedite grab seats in the back row, and Mike continues on. After he finishes his opening speech, he takes them out to the yard where they begin basic training 102. Eric and Jed join in on the 'fun': assault rifle training, Swordmanship, Basic wizardry 101. It became evident that one of the girls, by the name Tiffany, was not very physically apt. Eric pulls her aside.

"Now, why did you sign on for this when you can barely manage an assault rifle?"

"Because I know I can do this, and I already possess a powerful magic talent."

"What is that?"

"This," And she touches a withering tree and it heals itself quickly back to normal health. Eric noticed the mark patterns on her slight hand.

"You wield a glaive, don't you?"


"I can tell. The stretch marks on your left hand suggest a polearm, and you almost mirrior the wielder of the Silence Glaive." He notices the shocked expression on her face, "do not worry, madame. This puts you ahead of them," And he jerks his thumb in the recruit's direction. "Well ahead of them. You fought well, and none have managed to cause that much damage to me in many a fight, save my last beer-bottle-brawl. I shall instruct you personally in proper usage of that weapon, and how to draw forth it's full vorpal potential. That is, unless ye wants to continue with them."

"NO!" She shouts, and it catches the attention of the boyish Trisha, who goes to see what is going on.

"What's happening here?" She queries.

"He found out." Tiffany points to Eric, who's watching another arty physics session.


"And I am to presume you are another? Oh, yes, you are the one who wields the AE weapon, the Space Sword. Am I correct?"


"Give it up, Uranus. We're on the same team. Now, are there anymore of you in the newbies?"

"No." is Saturn's droll response.

"I'll tell you now, you already have the same manifested power as a L6 Baron, the experience of many of my Elite, and the defense of a Regular. I can help you as far as possible to get better, but you will have to put forth a large effort. 'twill not be a cakewalk. Trisha, your sphere of influence is that of the ground. Therefore, I can give you training in Magics dealing with the manipulation of ground: earthquakes, sands, and the like. You also have some control over space, which means you can control wizardry dealing with Meteors, Nuclear physics, Quantum theorum, and others. Saturn, your greatest sphere of influence is upon healing. There is many magics whithin, and you will be able to utilize most without draining yourself dangerously. Both of you will be trained to better use those weapons you posess, allowing you to defend yourselves better than you could normally. Queen Beryll wants desperately to destroy this dimension, so all others will be destroyed. But if she does so, she merely increases the power of my empire. She must not be allowed to win. I, personally, have my own sets of plans for this dimension. This is one of those dimensions that was unified before my Empire swept down upon it, so I had no trouble finding a stable beginning without garrisoning. An easy way to reference what this dimension would be like would be the harmony reached about the same time as the peak of the Silver Millenium."

"YOU can do that?" Trisha was shocked: she had seen him as the cruel warleader of a large army.

"I have on many a world, and enjoyed it. Peace is, well, the easiest way to get what you want. But, a few soldiers can always be thrown in for good measure. Depends on how you look at it."

"Whaddya know about the Silver Millenium?" Tiff wasn't feeling good: If he knew about it, who else would?

"'twas the Guard Captain for the Palace, when the Negaforces attacked. Queen Serenity didn't want a large garrison around her castle, but I managed to get 2500 troops in there and in secret bases. Most of those bases still exist to date, including a Chrono-Nuke base on the far side of the moon. My guard managed a brave fight, but they were wiped by the invincible Shadow, as was the Scouts. I was off-planet conducting business with the Eridani when they hit. The first impression that I got of the problem was when the Crystal Imperium Silver was used upon the Shadow. I hurried home, but it was all too late. I arrived home in time to see the destruction they caused." They could almost hear the desperation in his voice. "Shall we go now? Or would you like to return to Basic Magic 101?"


"This way, please. We begin with Advanced Glaive/Bastard sword tactics."

"What did you call my sword?"

"A Bastard sword. A.K.A. Hand-and-a-half sword. can be used with one or two hands." They go out of sight of the recruits on the far side of the mansion. "Now, M'ladies, draw your weapons."

"We have to be in our other forms to use them." Trisha said.

"Why? Any good Magical relic can be called upon to do disservice in/out of alternate form," and he holds his hand out, producing the Crystal Blade. They both gasp in shock. "Well, what are ye waiting for?" They both draw forth their weapons, and ready to use them. "Now, there are a few principals to using any weapon. First: If you draw it, be prepared to use it. You NEVER draw a weapon if you aren't to use it. It invites trouble." They nod. "Second: Positioning. Polearms are held perpendicular to your front and at an angle, to parry blows. Swords are held at an angle in front of you, also to block." And he demonstrates this with his weapon. They catch on quickly. "Now, Third: Use. There are many ways to use such a weapon, and the easiest way to use a polearm is to impale your foe. You saw what that thing did to me..."


"There are other ways to kill with these." He brandishes a Glaive, ready to use it. "Slicing with these such weapons is always fun. Great for cutting bologna when you have to feed this crew," and he jerks his thumb in the Mansion's direction. "To do so, find a position where you have a lot of leverage, say, a 3/4ths hold with spread grip, and swing." He demonstrates with a concrete block, and cleaves it in half. "Now you try." Tiffany doesn't even scratch it. "Okay, try this. Use the Glaive as you would a pike. Ram it through the item. Trish, you try as well. It will be necessary for all of you to get proficient with all weapons." He hands her the glaive he was holding. They try, and Trish cuts through two bricks. Tiffany barely manages to get the point through 2" of material. "Are you naturally weak, or is this an act?"

"I'm naturally weak, sir. It must be a tradeoff to my ability to heal people."

Eric sends them home after dark, with several reams of papers apiece. Trisha had orders to learn the Enhancement spells for "quake" Mlev 1-5, and Tiffany had orders to try to 'toughen up', as no warrior could win a war in her state. She was also to learn a few curative spells, to augment what Eric called the ability to "lay on hands" that she had mastered. Eric had a few drinks of Ale with the crews of the Quads, and was wasted before he got to his bed.