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*Terrorists, Terrorists, and more Terrorists*

*Multimage Chronicles, part Delta*

Eric, usually used to a long night's sleep, was woken up twice by someone snooping around. The first time, Mike managed to shatter a 60,000 year old Shotglass that Eric had imported from another dimension when he had drawn on Mike. Eric went back to sleep, mumbling and grumbling.

The second time he was awoken was when he heard someone outside HIS room. The movement pattern was unrecognizable, and the door was opened slowly. Eric rolled out of his bed stealthily, drawing the Crystal Blue Imperium from it's restingplace upon his nightstand, and creeps next to the door. He lets the intruder get into the room, goes near the chest, and starts prodding around. Eric springs upon the thief, and has her prone in a single strike. He uses the Longblade Crystal to flip on the lights. A CHILD???

"What are you doing here, young one? This is NO place for someone as young as you."

"Give me the crystal."

"That makes two of us. I seek the Crystal Imperium Silver as well, to help me be rid of the Negaverse permanently. What rite do you claim it with?"

"Give it to me!"


"My Luna Ball said it was here."

"Ahh, a Lunar Ball. Maglev 'toys' with a small HPG and a smaller AI computer. This time, it was only partially right." He holds his hand toward the nightstand upon which the other five crystal rests. They raise off the table, and float over to him. He grips all of them, and holds his hand out flat, with the six making a hollow hexagon with the crystals opposing each other opposite of each other. They whirl idly around what would be the seventh. "See, Princess Serena, I hold only these. I seek the other one to allow me to finish our common enemy in one fell swoop. We are working toward the same goal, but from diffrent sides of the street. You seek to protect one point in time/space, as a background of a Princess. I, as a professional soldier, seek the defense of the Multiverse as a whole."

He reforms the crystals into the Crystalline blade that he has wielded on many an occasion. Rini Gasps. "That's mommy's blade!, but, then again, it's diffrent."


"The Hilt of hers is a Light blue, not golden , and the blade is a lighter shade of Diamond."

"Mmm... Now. I cannot give you the Imperium crystals just yet, but I can offer you a bed. 'Twould seem rude to send you away at this awful hour. Mike, Show her the Guest Suite."

"Sir!" Mike shouts from behind her. She whirls around to see a nice crowd had gathered at the door. "This way, M'lady." Mike escorts her through the crowd, and to the room at the far end of the all.

"Now, I don't care how you try to get back to sleep, gentlemen, but DO NOT use the brandy. I have to use that for cake tomorrow. Any complaints?" His soldiery grumbles on about how opressive Eric is. "Oh, yeah, Dan. Don't pimp so hard. I can hear ya shaking that welded steel bed of yours. Your in for it if you keep me up again."

"Killjoy." he shouts back, wrapping his arm around his latest charge. Eric returns to the comfort of his bed, and falls back into a deeper sleep. He wakes up to another frenzy, as they are once again, up late. Eric disregards SOPs and orders everyone to grab any availible vehicle to school. The Prototype was in the lead, holding it's top speed of 300 MPH sweetly. He decelerates to take the corner, and sees, once again, Serena being harassed. He stops the car aimed at the punks, blows off the weapon tube covers, and energizes the PPC weapons. One of the punks gets a view of the driver: Eric. But it is all too late. He fires the ERPPCs, and the punks aren't there after they hit. Eric opens the door, and waves Serena in. She gets in, and they continue onward. They flood in just as the second bell rings, and they arrive to their classes late.

"Your late, Eric, Serena, Mike, and Emily. What's your exceuse?"

"Ours is," Eric began, "That I was awake too long after a Beer-bottle-fight yesterday. I lost."

"How much of a hangover do you have?"

"I don't. The bottles were, for the most part, empty when I was using them."

"Can you handle a stove?"

"Why use a stove, Ma'am? I prefer a Plasmite Settling torch."

"You are kidding, right?"

"No. Mike, go get the HardCases. We're making our own cake, soldier style."

"Very well, please move to your appointed work areas and begin on your cakes."

"Oh, Ma'am, how many layers do you want?" is what Mike asks over the mass exodus of Home Ec studentia.

"An A++ if you get two layers. Course credit if more." Several students gasp. It's not every day she offers course credit in a single project.

"This should be fun," Mike says as he steps into the class, carrying a long box on each shoulder, and a stout box in his right hand.

"Ah, ya brought the goods. Excellent." Eric says, staring at the box he carries in hand. Mike unceremoniously drops the boxes on the table, and starts popping latches. He uncovers Cake ingriedients, cryo refridgerrated, a Settling torch with heat disperser, and several bottles, heavily encased and padded. Mike drags in another hardcase, and he offloads another set of ingriedients. They begin creating a Brandy cake, much to the shock of the teacher, and completely frost over the four-layer cake with white frosting and sprinkles by the time the bell rings.

The crews split up once again, this time Eric, Emily, Dan, and Charles end up in Algebra-2. That period is a bore for the Harvard Grads, and once again they find themselves in the hallowed halls of Crossroads. Third period, Mike, Eric, Serena, and Trisha are in with Miss Horuna. About halfway through the period, the Door is unceremoniously kicked open, and a group of soldiers enter, brandishing weapons and looking not too pleased. Eric Telepathically tells Mike and Miss Horuna to keep their weapons holstered. The terrorists tell everyone to place their hands upon their heads. They all willingly oblidge.

{Molly, It's me, Eric. I don't have time to explain. In my back pocket is a small notebook. Remove it.} She does, not knowing what to do. {Open it to page 12, read the words to yourself silently, and say the last word, while looking at them. Do so now. It'll drain you partially, but it'll knock them out.} she does, and upon the pronunciation of the word Bolt, a lightning bolt hits them, and knocks them all unconscious. Mike, Eric, and Miss Horuna are up immediately, and checking them.

"Dead. Nice work, Molly." Eric picks up the Assault rifle and heads for the door. Once again, Al steps in the way.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Disneyland" Eric draws the bolt back on the AK-47, and Al sits back down, shaking. Eric continues to the door, and opens it cautiously. Mike arrives directly behind him.

"Mike, Miss Horuna, stay here. If it enters, shoot." Eric hangs a sign upon the door, and continues down the hall. He arrives at the end of the hall, and the stairs which are heavily guarded. He draws his .45 and a silencer for it. He fires three shots, which eliminate two guards noiselessly, and provides himself with two Uzi 9MMs and plenty of ammo. Eric rolls forward and spins to face someone running down the hall. It was Trisha. Eric hands her the Uzi, and they continue downstairs to the "arsenal", Eric's locker. After offing a few guards, they manage to secure a veritable artillery battery: 2 M-16s, 2 Barettas, silencers, and hand-to-hand weapons. The first room to be liberated is the Office. Trisha stays at the opposing corner, and Eric draws nearer with his AK-47. He fires in, nailing two of the guards, and trisha gets the third. Eric steps in.

"Now aren't you glad we got arty?" is what he says to the staff.

"Well, I still don't like it, but It'll do." the Principal says.

"Remain here and call the Police."

"Phone's dead." is what the Secretary says.

"Bus Radio?"

"Cut the antenna cable."

"We'll do this ourselves. Wish us luck." They exit the office, and head down to the first room. Eric shouts something in Russian, and the person opens the door, only to get blown back into the room. Eric steps in. "everyone all right?" when they say nothing, Eric turns outside, and heads to the next room, where shouting was being heard. A single thud is heard, as well as multiple screams, and then silence. Eric knocks at the door, and steps back. Once the doorhandle ratchets to open, Eric fires his magnum through the door. More screams are heard, and Eric steps through the door. The first thing he sees is Lyta on the floor. Eric checks her.

"Alive." He activates his radio, and says, "All units, Lead Crow FG. Retake the school. Repeat, take the school." Eric steps out, and the sporatic gunfire ensues. The fighting came to a head outside the Gym. Members of "the new world revolution", thought to have been wiped by Delta Force, faced off against the mighty CIA 404th. Or, if they knew the truth, they faced the nearly-Invincible 12886th MM TechStrikers. After about ten minutes of firefighting, the school is retaken, with only 12 casualties. Once again, they are hearlded as heroes, and school is released early. Eric and the CIA units follow closely the ambulance in which are their wounded, as well as Lyta. Lyta is discharged, but Mike, Miss Horuna, Emily, and Dan are out of the picture temporarily.

Eric returns to the mansion, not happy that his units were shot. The hours pass, with him working on the Tractors, mowing the back lots, and manages to drain three bottles of Jack Daniels while doing so. Eric pulls in to get his equipment refueled and repaired. The tactical agent steps out to speak with him, this time less urgent.

"Someone approaches?"

"Yes, sir. 12 of 'em. 10 F."

"Are they working for someone?"

"No, Sir. They aren't wired, and they aren't thinking about anything that would suggest spies. What do I do?"

Eric pauses to telikinetically check them out. "They're clean. See to it that they recieve the utmost of hospitality."

"How can you be sure-"

"Quite easily, John. Two of them are new recruits. The remainder I have faced before in combat."

"Yes, M'lord."

"Smartass. just call me 'the boss'."

"Yes, M'queen."

"Call me something like that again, and I'll have your carcass as an entryway rug. NOW MOVE!"


"Much better. Go with haste."

"Yes, M'queen."

"You can call me 'Eric', you can calle me 'the Emperor'. You can call me 'The boss', or you can call me a 'dirty son of a bitch'. But if you call me "M'Queen" again, I'll finish that threat!"

"10-4, SIR!" he runs dead out to the entrance of the mansion. Eric returns to his practice by the East end of the house. The mob approaches the workers, and asks where Eric is. They find him on the west end of the mansion, firing on paper targets with a really loud gun.

"We are here." 'Twas Tiffany, and her voice sounded almost scared.

"This is all?" Eric didn't turn around to see them.

"Yes. We don't know what happened to the Stars." Trisha was clasping her sheaf of papers, and the scouts were standing behind her, slightly afraid of him.

"I'm guessing your version of an intelligence agency-what do you guys call it-Central hath told you of the threats that now exist to the sovernity of this dimension. Queen Metalia is going about this all wrong. If she destroys this dimension, she merely increases my Political power by reducing the amount of 'Hub' dimensions to one: Mine. This dimension is vital strategically as well as economically and politically. This planet just happens to be the centre to that value, but more importantly, the Moon was/still is the centre of it all."

"You're kidding. How can the Moon be a center to anything? It's a vacuum!" Serena shouts.

"You know, as well as I know, that the moon is still a viable place to live."

"Now, down to the fun. I know you have all had a ration of combat experience. Good. It gives me a small base to work off of. What you have is the equivalent of 6 months of Elite training. I know, it isn't much, but we have to be able to wage wars on very large scales, and manage to maintain a power level able to destroy large things solo. Such requires a lot of physical and mental power. But the requirements to fight are rare in a Multimage's life. Some are trained well, only to retire or take a desk job without a single stroke/shot/spell. You won't have that luxury. The Negaforce is gaining strength and momentum. We must prepare quickly if we are to win. To lose now is to lose all. I know. It stinks like rotten meat, but the rewards are actual peace for awhile. Now, we begin with advanced magic. Tiffany and Trisha have been practicing the spell sets I gave them. You are to continue practice on these, and I'll give you your spells now." Eric goes over to the window, climbs in, and slings out several long tubes.

"Now, Sailor Moon, your sphere of control is the heavens. There isn't much along the way of healing magicks for astral spells, but most transport spells and a lot of attack spells exist here. I'll start with 'Jump' and 'meteor'. These are basic transport/attack spells. Meteor is one of the more potent attacks, as this spell causes a small meteor to strike the opponent, killing most level 45 and below enemies. Jump creates a Jump Point like a jumpdrive does. This allows a person to move himself or anything up to 50 stories/600,000,000 tons. This is a time-costly transportation maneuver, but it is great in moving space Battleships."

"Sailor Mercury, your influences are upon Water/Ice and technology. I can give you the schematics for a set of MagiTek armor, and some basic Water-elemental spells, such as 'Aqua Rake', 'Flood1', and 'Cleansweep'. These are potent water attacks aimed at pulverizing/drowning the opponent. Another spell you could use is 'purify water'. This allows you to create/purify water to a drinkable state. In the realm of ice, you have the spells 'blizzard' and 'Ice1'. Primarily attack spells these are, and potent because so few are resistant to Ice."

"Sailor Mars, AKA the Senshi of Passion, Is the Pyro of the group, If I remember correctly. For now, I'll teach you only two spells: 'Fire3' and 'Merton'. Fire three creates a globe of flame that devastates all within 25' of it, and has been known to melt Ferro-Fibrous armor in a single strike. I recommend NOT using merton, because it creates a 'plane' of fire over a very large area, incinerating everything. A last resort this is, but extremely potent. This has been known to turn Turkinas into flowing piles of liquid metal."

"Sailor Jupiter, you are the most "charged" of the scouts. Very few things, including most Technologies, can withstand a good lightning bolt. 'Thunderbolt', 'Lightning bolt4', and 'Bolt2' shall be yours. Thunderbolt is a signature move of a few Pokemon, including the cuddly Pikachus. lightning bolt four generates a lightning bolt from one's hand, sallying it forth to hit what you were pointing at. Bolt two calls a bolt of lightning from the heavens vertically upon where you wish. Such a strike is also considered an AoE strike, as the lightning will strike multiple people in the vicinity of the impact area. I also grant ye the spell 'teleportation'. It turns you into a ball of lightining, and ships you to your destination, reforming you from the ball. Very handy, because the transfer is at light speed, but you cannot teleport to a place you have never been."

"Sailor Venus, your base is the mysterious element Pearl. This element, which few have heard of, is based on the Purity of one's soul. A great tactic. Two spells here can be of help. 'pearl2' and 'Pearl wind'. Pearl two creates three globes of pearl, which can be slung at targets. Pearl Wind is a restorative spell that heals all allies with the same amount of Stamina you possess. Ergo, if Sailor Moon was to get bashed, and you used this spell, it would heal her back to your current status. 'tis is more benificial if you take less damage."

"Sailor Saturn, I believe I have already spoken to you, as well as Sailor Uranus."

"Sailor Neptune, your charge is Aquatic. 'Cleansweep', 'Blow Fish', and 'Tsunami' shall be yours.Cleansweep I've already explained. Blow Fish causes a fixed amount of damage, which is a LOT. Tsunami floods the area with a large wave. You also possess the Aqua Mirror, which is a power-amplyifying device of powerful origin. use this as an extention of your own power and find out."

"Sailor Pluto, your skills deal with time itself, which you have dealt with for about 10000 years, last I checked. Not bad, figuring the amounts of scum that use the 'easier' method of time transportation. I shall grant you six spells which manipulate time. Slow, and it bigger brother, Slow2, are potent works that effect people/objects by slowing down their actions. To them/it, they are moving at their normal speed, as this even slows down their preception of time. But to others, they are moving at about half speed and power. Slow2 affects all you face, friend or foe,with the distance/potency based on the skill of the user. Haste and Haste2 affect you/all of your allies by reducing your preceptions of time, allowing you to move abnormally fast and agiley. To the rest of the world, you are seen as moving hyperspeed. Tis also helpful when combined with Stop. This magick literraly freezes a person in time, becoming an immobile statue. Their mind is slowed to basically thinking one letter of a rational thought every hour, given an intelligent subject. the Spell Quick is the reverse. It allows a person to basically stop time's functioning around himself/herself temporarily, allowing about 45 seconds against a foe unmolested. Use it to get 'up close and dirty' or 'far and fast', for 'tis a potent, if not short-lived effect. I estimate the Ganet Orb would allow you to tweak about 30 seconds extra out of such a spell. Beware, some are unaffected by this cruelly powerful magic. Zoisite is, for sure, and Jaedite's time-witch is as well."

"if you didn't understand half of that, there are explanations in red writing on the top of the page."

"Today is the beginning of a large step into a new realm for you. I shall explain to you the Multimage's purpose. We are, well, the balance keepers. All elements, all forces, everything has an equal and balancing factor around. The negaverse has been deemed an unbalancing factor, and MUST be disposed of. 'Tis only ironic that my half-sister, Queen Beryll, is at the helm of the evil mass. She MUST be dethroned at once, or her power will consume this dimension. She is also recieving help from my Blood-brother, Prince Diamond. Once-"

"You are related to ALL that scum? How are you not Evil yourself? How do we know?"

"Skeptical still, Raye? Think of it this way: You know for a fact that I am a Superior power by large. The negaforce wouldn't let a power like me just Idle. they'd've use me to destroy this planet already. I've been here in this time-stint for almost 15 years, plotting and planning to overthrow her with the least amount of resources. Consider myself locked in an extra-long Batchall versus Queen Beryll for possession of this planet. I've narrowed down my resources against her to one unit: the 12886th Multimage TechStrikers."

"One Division?" Amy said in an astonished gasp.

"One Galaxy-Versus the equivalent of the armies of the entire world. I know, it sounds small, but I have a single objective in mind. If I concentrate all my forces there, She'll attack, and I'll have a BIG beartrap waiting for her."

"What's your plan?" Mina said.

"All in due time, M'lady. Now, you are dismissed for the day. Return here tomorrow, even if you haven't mastered these. Good luck." Eric bows to them, and goes back to smashing concrete blocks with a flail. The girls once again decline a ride from the CIA represenatives, opting for the bus. The ride seems uneventful, except when Al tries to pester Amy. He gets gagged by Trisha. A few minutes later, the scene alters dramatically. The bus is surronded by a bunch of bikers, a mean crew, and they are attempting to board the bus.

"Don't let them on!" Lyta shouts.
"Close that window! Mina screams down the asile.
"Punch that piece of shit back out the way he came!" Trisha shouts.
"Keep your door closed!" Amy says to the driver.
{Eric! We Need Your Help!}

{En Route! We'll Be there soon!} Eric answers Raye's call. To the astonishment of the passengers of the bus, Eric's best warriors, his Elite 10, Teleport directly inside the bus, brandishing Multimage Assault Plate armor and M-16s.

"We are CIA. Keep your heads down and hope this doesn't turn into a furball." the Head Agent (MNultimage) says. He activates his headset, and speaks into it, "Frontguards, you have your marks. Teleport in and prepare. Boss, how ya coming?"

"400 out of the tube, be there in 2."

"Make it a fast two, boss. They're getting hostile."

"How can I help? Lyta asks of Mike.

"Can you use this?" He passes her a .45.

"Yah. Where do I guard?"

"We're going roofside." Outside, two agents had teleported alongside the bus and attached themselves using magnets to the sides. They brandished shoulder mounted cannons, 50mm, and M-60s. Outside, the bikers were picking up their harassments and attempts to get in. Mike grabbed a handlebar near the roof hatch, and had flipped himself in an arc, passing feet first through the escape hatch and onto the roof. He assists Lyta up, and they take opposite ends of the bus.

They hold a tense standoff for about thirty seconds, untill one of the bikers draws a beautiful 44 magnum. Lyta reacts first, shooting the bandit once, causing the bike to spin. The 'wedge' in front of the bus gets shelled by the guards, and the inner agents open fire with the assault rifles. Bikes explode, bikers get flipped off their Harleys, shots are fired into the bus. Once the fore guards ran out of ammo, they resorted to using their autocannons and kitanas. Unbeknownst to the rear bikers, the prototype had snuck up behind them, and had opened fire with the PPCs. Shot by thunderous shot rang out at the bikes, and one by one they were reduced to piles of burning scrap.

By some twist of "luck", one of the "doubleteamers" managed to shoot Lyta in the leg, and she falls off onto a bike below, which drives off with the wounded prisoner. At the same time, Eric feels a tremor on the Psychic plane: Tiffany had been hit by stray fire. All the agents realized this, and were not looking very happy.

"Combined Arms!!!" one of the agents shouts, and all focus on the left side bikers, spraying at them with more purpose in their eyes than would have been expected. At the same time, Eric jerked his wheel left, simeotaneously discharging both PPCs at the terrorists, and the last left side bike went up in smoke. they focus Starboard again, this time revenge on their minds for fallen Lyta. All but one bike is destroyed, and it seems to be shielded by...Zoisite??? three of the soldiers open fire, combined with the prototype's PPC units and Mike on the roof, slinging grenade launchers. These fail to penetrate, and a crystal pierces the window next to Nina.

"I'll give it a go." One of the soldiers says, not looking happy his M-16 failed.*KA-MAI-AH-MAI-AH!* the energy beam it creates hits her shield, but nothing happens. "Bullshit. that field's tough."

"Let me through." Mike said and he took the place at the rear of the bus."Barrier Rage *Force Beam Delta*" the blued beam that strikes the field again does nothing. "I'm a baron, which leaves only three ranks which can destroy her."

"Do you think?" one of the soldiers start, but falters.

"I'm already here, Roger." Eric says as he phases in behind the file of soldiers. They sidestep so he can pass through, and he takes his place for shots. *Force Sphere Epsilon!* Eric lobs the ball at the dome, but nothing happens again. "Very well, I'll just have to up the ante." *FORCE BEAM PHI!* he generates a 4' beam, which strikes the target, and it blows up on impact. As one, the people on the bus begin cheering. The Prototype drives up to the back of the beaten up bus, and accepts a stretcher containing Tiffany. It breaks away and veers toward the nearest hospital. Eric puts on a parachute pack and gets ready to jump.

"Are you suicidal?" is what one lady asks.

"Slightly," Eric responds, and as she was to ask another, he drops backward out of the bus, letting his chute and his armor do all the work. Once at a dead stop, he releases the chute and begins jumping from roof to roof, using an artificial agility spell allowing him to do so while wearing Heavy Plate. after a few minutes of bouncing from roof to roof, he arrives at the bikers hangout.


"What do we do with her?" One of the bikers asks.

"We're holding a time bomb. They'll come for her." another says.

"So? Let's have some fun with her..." He let his ominous sentence hang.

"No." they hear from behind.

"Frank, izzat you? Why can't we?"

"Frank is dead, as you will be if you do not leave her alone."

"Who're you?" a lady asks from the rear.

"Identity is unimportant. Release her and I'll spare you."

"Do we have to listen to this freak?" the first biker says in a whiny voice.

"So be it. Consider yourselves warned." Eric draws his crystal blade, and advances. One of the bikers draws a pistol, and fires. His sword almost instantly repositions itself, and the bullet lands next to him on the table. Eric visibly slices left, cutting a chain in the hands of a biker down to 6" worth of what was 60". He brandishes the sword, ready to strike the next closest foe, but they all see who it is, and run dead out to the bikes.

"What a miserable day." Eric says, and chops at her restraints. they fall to the ground, and she gets up.

"How can I thank you, Eric?"

"Don't mention it, Lyta. You have another thing to worry about. An ambulance arrives to cart her away to the Hospital. She falls asleep en route.