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In Memory

By Pamela Rinfret

In Memory.

I never knew hurt till I lost his embrace.
I never knew pain, until his eyes could no longer see.
I never knew life, until I'd seen his death.

The life, in his weary bones.
The joy in those brown eyes.
The love, ever present in his embrace.

In memory.

I never believed he could leave, until he was gone.
I never accepted fate, until i met up with it's messanger.
I never truely wanted anything, expect his return.

I believe he will be with me in spirit when i need him.
I accept the honour he bore his life with.
I truely want to meet him again.

In loving memory of Eli Raffay, my Grandfather, who's passing two years ago, pained everyone who knew his warm embrace. And who will always be remembered for his warm caring heart. We love you.
You're Kozo Kedlvelt... beloved by all.