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Where It All Began

By Jayson Litle

I found myself morals where it all began
Looking on tha place where we all want to live
I stopped to see forever not wanting to see wrong

I continued

Later, I stopped again not rightly to clear my head for a moment and traveled on
On tha seventeenth year, I looked to my heart to see love and so I followed
I fought pain in my left hand, looking for peace in my right I extended it out
I look back through my trail and see I have strayed from my heart
Then I crossed tha last day
I looked into tha valley of evil and found tha home of tha beast
To know my enemy, I have done wrong through out tha land of tha heartless
I can do wrong no more.
I see tha devil and he binds me but arent devils merely angles tearing away at your guilt?
I stopped on tha last day of tha last month on tha last year and again I have found my heart
My life must be righteous in a place unknown so I can rest my soul where it all began.