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Welcome to my homepage. Feel free to visit all of the links that I have supplied.
If you have any comments please feel free to E-mail me. Please come back soon for more updates.
Comming soon: Plutopia will soon be producing fan subs on VCD and maybe available as a download over the internet as well. look forward to this new change in the coming months. The set up of an online ordering form will take some time, Although E-mails will be accepted once we get this off the ground. I am currntly unsure of what Anime we will be offereing but it will hopefully be non-American commertially availible ones from Japan.

If you are a fan of animé music check out the Dedicated Otaku Anime Club (DOA) website, and go to the Web Anime Radio page that they are running. Very very cool. If you have Winamp you can hear the music and shows that they run.
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Midi that is curently playing is "Tuxedo Mirage"


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</\>New to Plutopia</\>

I'm in the middle of updating and reformatting the nonframes page which will look a lot similar to this page.
Well first off...I just graduated from high school on Friday, May 26 2000 (SD 210005.26) at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Second off If you're interested in Anime as I know you are, there will be a major anime festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the University of Calgary called
OTAFEST 2000 (Otaku no Festival)
Otafest 2000
The festival runs from June 17 to 18, 2000 so come out there if your're in the area or want to watch over 80 hours Japanese Anime, you might even meet me in person.

Well the Flash screen is officialand will be there for a while, or until I decide to change it.
Small little update today. New flash test here

The high school I currently attend has a new anime club and homepage. The page is located at McNally Anime Club (MAC).
If anyone still wants the addy to the Evil Machines site it's
Mirrorshimmer, one of my best friends has a new home page up now, at Mirrorshimmer's Home Page. There she has her poems and she's still building more pages...
One of my other good friends has his own Webpage now @ The Planet Of Fire. Check it out, and sign his Guess book.

Located at the bottom left hand cornner of the Planet Plutopia site there is a stardate tracker meaning the the 0 is the century meaning 2'0'. The 99 is the year 19'99'. The 01 is the month in numerical form January is the First month of the year, and the didgits after the dot indicate the day... Well of course you guys knew all that seeing the dates for the updates down at the bottom of the pages.
NOTE: "Stardate changes" 210001.01 = Twenty First Century-year 20'00'-January-First day.

If you want to read more of Raven Life By Prinser E-mail her at
If you would like to contact the artist of the pics im my fan art gallery, you can do so, by clicking here.

In the future it would help me a lot if you find any link on my page that is not working, to report it to me at
Thank you, and enjoy your stay at Plutopia.
Ja ne

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MONDAY MAY 31 1999
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Otafest 2000