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Plutopia Mascot: Megumi Akiro 
  Name: Megumi Akiro
  Age: 19
  DOB: November 1
  Height: 5'9"
  Weight: Classified
  Hair Colour: Light Brown
  Eye Colour: Blue
  Occupation: Starship Captain
  Marital Status: Single
    Personal Information: Through a fluke accident Megumi's ship was transported back to the Tokugawa era of Japan and stuck there for a week, while attempting repairs.  Upon return to the future a stowaway was discovered, (Kell Tainer). Megumi is a top notch pilot and engineer who was chosen to be the top candidate from the academy, to captain her own ship straight out of the academy after graduation.  She is currently single but is seeing a fellow officer....
Further details are Classified. 
Likes: Long walks on a quiet beach in the summer with her boyfriend.
Anime (20th-21st Century era)
Collecting old computer and starship parts.
Sword Training (Katana, kotetsu, long swords, boken)
Racing (late 20th-early 21st century) cars on the holodeck and shuttles.
Favorite Food:  Alberta Beef Steaks
    Dislikes: Pushy and rude people.
Really Bad Anime dubs.
Least Favorite Food: nori (dried seaweed)
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