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Welcome to Plutopia Productions Incorporated. 
The Plutopia Productions Inc. is constantly changing, but keep looking back here periodically for more updates.Please feel free to explore the Personal pages of Plutopia, GigaKasai and many others, through the links to the Left. (Note:  This site and pages contained with in are not affiliated with any other organization.  Links are for conveniences only.)

New News

Really sorry for the lack of updates. One of the main reasons is that I just got a new computer and have been playing with it for a while and a lot of the files  that I have been working on have been missing in action.  But the anime section is still up, but not very organized.  (One of the main reasons that I needed a new computer...)

Otafest will be happening again this year on May 25-26.  Check out the NEW Otafest web-page at for more info. 

A new Projects page has been added to the site detailing different web page projects and other miscellaneous personal projects that Plutopia Productions Inc. are working on.  
Giga Kasai

A Heart felt condolence to all those in the US who lost family and/or friends in the horrific tragedy in the World Trade Center, Pentagon attacks and the other plane hi-jacking, on September 11, 2001.

Plutopia Productions Inc.

On another note, the Ftp will be temporarily down while the bandwidth restrictions are lifted. You guys used up over 19 gigs in one week.

Giga Kasai

Ok new news... I just reciently moved into my new house, but I now have a new ip address, so anybody wanting to log into my FTP will have to update their book marks to the old address will no longer work so please update your bookmarks.
Thanks Plutopia

Tonight at about 10:00 MST the FTP server went down for about a week.... Today is D-day, all of my computer stuff is moving and I won't have any Internet access for about a week. So see you in about a week.
Thanks Plutopia

Ok I went to Animethon 8 two weeks ago and it was just as bad as last year.

Content Removed....Sorry.

Gate Keepers will be released by Pioneer on DVD and VHS coming this September. There will be approximately 8 DVD's and VHS cassettes in total, with 3 per DVD/cassette, covering the 24 episodes.

Coming at the end of July, beginning of August the web/ftp server will be down for a little while, while I move to a new house.

I will soon be hosting files for Anime-fansubs@efnet on my ftp server, more information will be posted as i recieve the files.

This just in, As of March 31, 2001 Love Hina was bought for commertial release in North America by the folks at Bandai. I'm Happy to see them pick up such a popular show, so Fansubbers such as OnaDigital have taken off their Love Hina movie files.
I hope that the Love Hina Spring Special and the final two episodes, will be subbed for all of us to see, and watch.
Thanks for coming, Hope to see you soon.
The Staff at Plutopia Productions Inc.

There is finally a new page to Plutopia Productions Inc. full of Love Hina links, there will hopefully be more new pages as the year progresses. Click here to access the page.


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