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Plutopia Productions Incorporated:  Projects

This page will be used for current web pages and other miscellaneous junk that Plutopia Productions Inc. is currently working on.  

Kelly Howe Star of Hope Campaign Web Page.  This Local charity is focused on bring to light family violence and abuse, and to raise money for the women shelters around Calgary.   

This is of course the flash page to this site.  Hopefully more projects and anime downloads will appear in the following months.  

Plutopia's Homepage is the original site started on August 20, 1998.  (Wow, almost 4 years online.) The site offers a lot of anime and Star Trek links, as well as it's own database of starships from Plutopia's Star Trek universe. (Plutopia Productions Inc. was started in 1997 as a school homework project.)

The Planet of Fire - is a link page directed at various anime, Star Trek pages and chat rooms on the same topics.  (The Planet of Fire is run by Giga-kasai (name means: a billion fires))

MAC - McNally Anime Club is the official anime club at Bishop McNally High School in N.E. Calgary.  MAC has weekly showings during the lunch hour. Membership is steadily growing with the increased interest in Anime from the television stations and other companies bringing it over to North America.    

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